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How do I create an RSS Feed content type in Drupal?

The “RSS feed” content type can be used to dynamically pull headlines from other places. You can pull RSS feeds from anywhere on the web, page feeds from within the MIIS site, or tag feeds from within the MIIS site.

Creating a New RSS Feed

  1. Make sure you are logged on.
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to add an RSS Feed to.
  3. Locate the “Edit Console” in the top left of the screen. Click the “Add” tab.

    Edit Console

  4. The screen now lists all the content types. Click the “RSS feed” link.
    1. The screen now shows the “RSS feed” editing interface.

      RSS Feed One

  5. In the “Title” text field, give your content a title. The title should:
    • Accurately convey what type of information is being pulled by this feed.
  6. Click the button of the type of feed you would like to add: an RSS feed, a page feed, or a tag feed.
  7. Choose the source of your feed.
    1. RSS Feed

      RSS Feed Two

    2. Page Feed

      Click “Home” to sort through pages on the MIIS site.

      RSS Feed Five

    3. Tag Feed

      RSS Feed Three

  8. Repeat the previous 2 steps for any other feeds you would like to add.
    • If you have multiple feeds, you can reorder them with the arrows adjacent to their titles.
  9. In the “Feed display options” box, you can:
    • Use the dropdown menu to choose how many headlines to display at once.
    • Use the checkboxes to control the appearance of the feed, such as whether images and full item text appear.
    • Use the radio buttons to control how the feeds are sorted, such as by date or alphabetically.

      RSS Feed Six

  10. If necessary, alter the appearance, set publish dates, and set permissions lists.
  11. When you are done adding the content, scroll down and click the “Save” button.
    1. The screen returns to “View” mode.

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