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How do I use anchor links in Drupal?

You can link to a specific place or section on a page using anchor links. Inserting anchor links is similar to adding hyperlinks within your Drupal pages.

First you will need to identify the page section you would like to link to. Once you have located a spot, you can insert an anchor link using the “Insert/edit anchor” icon (it’s shaped like an anchor!) in the rich-text editor.

Name your anchor appropriately. The anchor name should be something short and easy to remember (you should also avoid using spaces or symbols in the anchor name). In the screenshot below, the anchor is named “A”.

Inserting an Anchor
Inserting an Anchor

Now you’re ready to create a link to the anchor you just made. To get the URL you can use to send people directly to your specific page section, add “#anchorname” to the end of a page URL.

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