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How do I enable a 301 redirect?

301 redirects help you change the URL of a www.miis.edu webpage without breaking the link. All people accessing the old link will automatically be taken to the new URL.

Please follow these steps to enable a 301 redirect:

  1. Navigate to the page with the old URL. (Ex. http://www.miis.edu/academics/language/diplomat)
  2. Take note of the Monster Menu # in the Edit Console. (Ex. 242454)

  3. Navigate to the webpage’s new URL. (Ex. http://www.miis.edu/academics/language/diplomats)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Edit.”
  5. Within the editing interface, scroll down to the menu at the bottom of the page. Click “URL redirects.”

  6. Click “Add a redirect to this location,” which takes you to the 301 redirect module on the Drupal CMS admin panel.

  7. Complete the “From” URL field by adding this line of code mm/(Monster Menu #) (Ex. mm/242454)

  8. Don’t forget to click “Save.”
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