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Adding Announcements to Zócalo

This post was written for staff and graduate assistants with Manager access to the Zócalo system. It provides step-by-step instructions on adding Announcements, which are viewable by students and/or employers in Zócalo. They also feed into the front page of iLearn and can be tweeted to the MIISCACS Twitter account, which feeds into the main Career page on the website.

  1. Select “Announcements” from the left-hand tool bar;
  2. Click on “Add New” at the bottom of the Announcements list;
  3. Enter a Title and Body information. Please be sure to keep the length very short (no more than one-two lines), so as not to crowd out the other postings on the page;
  4. To add a web link, highlight the text that you would like to be hyperlinked to the website.
  5. Click on this button in the menu:  and input the website URL;
  6. In the “Target” field, choose Open in New Window;
  7. Click on “Insert”;
  8. Note that you can also insert pictures using the same process by clicking on the picture icon
  9. Be sure to fill out the “Date” (today’s date) and “Expiration Date” fields;
  10. Choose your “Targets”: Whether this is a Student-focused announcement or an Employer-focused announcement, please be sure to also choose Staff to keep all of us abreast of what is being posted;
  11. If you leave the “Order” field blank, it will default to 0 and will be placed at the top of the list. You can change the sort order on the main Announcements page after you’ve submitted your post;
  12. If the announcement will have broad appeal, you may want to “Tweet” about it. In the “Announcement to be tweeted” field, include something like, “UNU Call for Papers (weblink)” The tweets will be sent to the Careers main page on the website and to students and alumni who have subscribed to our tweets;
  13. Click on “Submit”;
  14. You will be taken back to the Announcements list. You will note that all of the announcements that have not expired will have an order number in the far right column. You can adjust the sort order by using the up and down arrows to the right of each number based on the priority/dates of the listed postings;
  15. Check that your Announcement looks ok and “fits” with the rest of the section by going to “Students” and choosing a student record to “Login As.”

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