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How do I customize my Menu Bar?

Each theme may have a menu that is different in terms of where it is located and what it looks like.

To customize the menu, click Appearance, and then Menu.












You can have more than one menu but some themes will only support one.

The menu items are made up of the “Pages”  or “Categories.”

To add new menu items: From the Menu screen, scroll down to “Pages” or “Categories” and check the box next to the desired items. Then click Add to Menu, and Save Menu.













To change the order of the Menu, simply click and drag the menu items up and down.











Also, menu items can be configured so that the titles visible on the blog are in one language and the hover-over text are in another language.

To do this, click on each menu item and it will expand to show the “Navigation Label” and “Title Attribute.”

The “Navigation Label” is what will be displayed in the menu and the “Title Attribute” is what will appear when the user hovers over the menu item. Change the titles as desired and don’t forget to click Save Menu when you’re finished.



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