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How do I resize and/or crop a photo with Photoshop?

If you’re adding a photo to the top right corner of your webpage,  you’ll want to set the width at 238 pixels and the height at 180 pixels.

1) In order to resize your photo, open the photo with Photoshop, then select “Image,” and select “Image Size.”








2) This will pull up  a new window and allow you to designate the width and/or height of photo in pixels. At this time, since the width value is larger than the height value, set the height to 180 pixels.

Existing Dimensions:













Edited Dimensions:













Please note: If the height value is larger than the width value, you will adjust the width to 238 pixels in this step and then crop the image to 180 pixels.

2) We’re now going to crop the width of the photo to 238 pixels. Select the crop tool from the Photoshop tools menu on the left side of your screen.




















3) Set the crop dimensions:

  • Width: 238 pixels.
  • Height: 180 pixels.

4) Select the region of the photo you would like to include in your crop dimensions:

This will automatically crop the unwanted area out of your photo.  All you need to do is press “Return,” “Save As,” and add it to your webpage!

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