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I changed my MIIS email password and now my Wifi doesn’t work! (Mac)

Every MIIS student, faculty, and staff member connects to the on-campus Wifi using their MIIS username and password. When you reset your password every 6 months, you need to change the stored password that your computer remembers for when you need Wifi on campus.

To fix your MiddleburyCollege Wifi on your Mac, please follow these steps.

1. Using the Spotlight feature, search for Keychain Access. This is where you can access all of your computer’s saved passwords.
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2. Once you are in Keychain Access, search for “MiddleburyCollege” to find your stored password. Under “Kind,” look for the 802.1x password. The date associated with this password should be from a few months ago (or from whenever you entered your MiddleburyCollege Wifi credentials for the first time).

3. Once you have found it, delete this password.

4. Once you have deleted your old password, you must replace it with the new password you just created. This is just like signing onto the MiddleburyCollege Wifi for the first time. Open Network Preferences, either by clicking on the Wifi icon in the upper righthand corner, or through System Preferences.

5. Upon trying to join the MiddleburyCollege network, you will be prompted to enter your new password. Once you are done, hit join!

(If this still doesn’t work, try midd\username in the Username field.)

**Keep in mind that you will need to change your saved password on all your devices (web browser, smartphone, tablet, etc). If you have any problems with this, bring your computer to the ITS HelpDesk (CF 320) or call us  (831) 647-6656.



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