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How can I print wirelessly from my Mac?

Faculty and staff can contact the ITS Helpdesk to obtain the IP address of the copier for installation. In addition, this article applies only to Faculty and Staff printers. Students must use the Web Print feature in Papercut to print wirelessly to a Papercut Printer.

To connect to a Faculty or Staff printer, please identify the location and model number of the copier.  We currently use Canon printers with varying model numbers.  This article will cover the setup of a Canon 4025. You may want to make an appointment with the ITS Helpdesk for assistance with this installation.

1. Do a Google search on the copier model number.  Example, “Canon 4025 driver”  This should lead you to the specific printer’s resource page.

2. Select “Drivers and Downloads” and expand the Drivers menu.  Your Mac operating system should be detected.

3. Download and install the latest UFRII driver.macprinter22

4. Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and press the plus (+) sign to add a new printer.

5. On the next screen, choose the IP option.  You will need the IP address of the printer you wish to install.  Contact the ITS Helpdesk to obtain your printer’s IP address.

6. Under Protocol, select Line Printer Daemon – LPD.














7. It is recommended to change the printer name. (ie. McCone 1st Floor, or McGowan 200, etc.)

8. Do not use generic drivers.  You must change the “Use” field to “Select Software” and search on your printer’s model number.  4025 is pictured in the above example.

9.  Once you have made the proper configuration, click OK and Add.

For printers that use copy codes, you must also enable Job Accounting. With your printer selected, click “Options & Supplies”

Under the Options tab, check “Department ID Management”













Next, go to the Utility tab and open the Utility.














Here, we must enter the Staff or Faculty member’s copy code. Check “Department ID Management” and enter the copy code into the Department ID field.















After clicking “Save Settings” close out the window using the red X (exit) button on the top left of the window pane.

The setup is now complete. Now is a good time to print a test page to ensure that your printer installation was successful.

As mentioned earlier, please visit the ITS Helpdesk for assistance with this setup.

Thank you for reading.

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