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How do I set-up my new Polycom VVX 310 phone?


**This phone system was retired on June 1st 2018**

Below are instructions for setting-up your new Polycom VVX 310 phone.

The first task you should do is change your password then set up a new greeting. Follow the instructions below:

Setting Up Voicemail

  1. Press the “Message Center” button to access your voice mailbox. When voice mail answers you’ll be prompted for a password.
  2. Enter the default PIN, 2580####, where #### is your extension.
  3. Once in your voice mailbox, press 0 (zero) for Mailbox Options. From the Options menu you’ll want to visit each these options:
    1 – Record “unavailable” greeting
    3 – Record your name
    5 – Change your PIN

Phone Views

Your phone has several views: Home, Calls, and Lines view (the default). When you are on a call, the Calls or Active Calls views display on the screen.


Soft Keys

Some of the views have additional options displayed along the bottom of the screen. Use the physical button below the “soft key” to select.


Transferring Calls

Press the Transfer button,3 , and dial the destination number. When you hear ringing, or after you talk with the other party, press the Transfer button again, then hang up.

Forwarding Calls

To forward all incoming calls:

  1. Press the Home button, then scroll right to the Forward option and select.
  2. Press the select button for Always, or press 1.
  3. Enter the forwarding number. If the number is off campus, prefix the number with 9.
  4. Press the Enable soft key. The forwarding number will display in the upper right of the screen.

To disable forwarding, return to the Forward menu, select the forward type (e.g. Always) and press the Disable soft key.

Placing Conference Calls

  1. Call the first party.
  2. After the call connects, press the More soft key, then the Confrnc soft key.
  3. Dial the second number. After the second number connects, press Confrnc again.

While in a conference call, from the Lines or Calls view, you can:

  •  Press Hold to hold all participants.
  •  Press End Call to remove yourself from the call, but keep the other participants connected.
  •  Press Manage (if available) to manage each participant.
  •  Press Split to end the conference and hold all participants.

Viewing Recent Calls

From Lines view (the default) press the down arrow on the Navigation button. This displays Call Lists (Missed Calls). From Lines view press the right arrow for Call Lists (Placed Calls).

From the Call Lists menu, press the Type soft key to see a menu for:

  • All Calls
  • Received Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Placed Calls

Listening to Voice Mail

Once logged into voice mailbox follow the prompts for navigating your messages. Frequently used options are listed below. From the main menu:


Checking Voice Mail from off Campus

Dial your direct extension and wait for your voice mail greeting to pick up. When you hear your greeting, press star * to access your voice mail.  Enter your voice mail password when prompted, and follow the directions.

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