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How do I install Jabber for Mac

Jabber is software faculty and staff can use to control their phone extension. They can receive and make calls, and manage voicemail on a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android phone using Jabber.

Please note you must install the E911 Software Locator (ESL) along with Jabber.

Software Location

The software is located at on our S: drive at smb://miisfiles.middlebury.edu/miisfiles/Software/Public/Jabber/Mac. From the Finder Go menu use Connect to server, (⌘K).  If you are off campus, you will need VPN or go to: https://go.middlebury.edu/webaccess

  • E911SoftphoneLocator-Mac.pkg
  • CiscoJabber-12.6.1.pkg

It’s best to copy this software to your Mac desktop and run from there.

E911 Softphone Locator

When installing the ESL software follow the prompts. At the following screen, uncheck the RLM option At the configuration box use the following settings

Protocol: SSL/TLS(Encrypted)
Primary EGW: egw-01.middlebury.edu
Primary Port: 443
Secondary EGW: egw-02.middlebury.edu
Secondary Port: 443


Follow the prompts for installing Jabber accepting all the defaults. After it installs, log into Jabber using your @middlebury.edu credentials, e.g. jsmith@middlebury.edu with your usual password.

To use Jabber on your computer to make calls you will need a computer that has a mic, via an attached webcam, usb headset, or a built-in mic.

You may also want to set Jabber not to start calls with video. From the gear icon in the Jabber main windows, select Options, Calls.

Documentation for using Jabber can be found here.

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