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Printing FAQs

Instructor Copy Codes & Dept. Printers

As an instructor how do I acquire a departmental copy code?

As an instructor, which printer can I send print requests to?

Computer – Printer Configuration

How do I connect my Windows PC to a Campus Printer?(Windows 10)

How can I print wirelessly from my PC? (Windows 10)

How do I connect my Windows PC to a Campus Printer? (Windows 7)

How can I print wirelessly from my PC? (Windows 7)

How can I print wirelessly from my Mac?


As a student, how can I print from my laptop to a campus printer?

How can I get a refund for Papercut?

How do I troubleshoot problems connecting with Papercut?

Office Services

Where on campus can I print color copies?



Instructor Copy Codes & Department Printers

Contact your graduate school Dean’s assistant or program coordinator to receive your departmental copy code and to verify which printer you should configure your computer to send print requests to. If you have difficulty, contact the Help Desk: (831) 647-6656 or helpdesk@miis.edu.

School & Program Front Desks

International Policy & Development (IPM): (831) 647-4155

Language & Professional Programs (LPP): (831) 647-4115

Translation, Interpretation & Language Education (TILE): (831) 647-4185


How do I add users to my WordPress sites?

Site administrators may add users (subscribers, authors, editors, and additional administrators) to blog sites.  To add users:

1. Login to Blogs@MIIS with your username and password.

2. Click on “Add New” in the grey site administration bar at the top of your site, then scroll down to “User.”
Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 1.03.24 PM

3.  Next type in the last name of the person you would like to add to your site.  This person should have a miis.edu username and password, or a verified Middlebury Guest Account.  The name and e-mail address will appear in your search if a verified account is available in the active directory.

4.  Select the role you want to assign to the new user: Subscriber, Author, Editor, or Administrator (keep in mind that these have increasing editing and administrative privileges.)

5.  Finally, click “Add User” to complete the process.  The users name and e-mail will appear under the search box.

6.  Rinse and repeat for each additional user.  You can also edit user access and roles in your site dashboard.


How do I embed a Middmedia video into a blog post?

Another option to add videos to your blog post is to upload your video to MiddMedia, a Middlebury media site to save, store and share larger audio and video files.

  • Initially you will need to activate the MiddMedia and Audio Player plugins on your blog.  You can skip this step if the plug-in is already activated on your site.
  • Select the Plugins tab on your left side bar and then click Activate on both the Audio Player and MiddMedia plugins, as shown below:


  • Next, Login at MiddMedia using your email username and password.
  • Here you can upload your video or audio file

Next return to your WordPress site.  While editing your post or page, select the Add Media button above the editing toolbar:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 3.31.32 PM

From here you should select the MiddMedia tab. This will open up the Add Media page and allow you to select your media to insert into your blog post.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 3.33.30 PM

 Click “Show Files” to select the video that you want to embed in your post or page.
Click “Use” next to the video that you want to embed. An embed code for the video will appear on your blog post or page.



















Now preview your blog to ensure your video and/or audio are exactly what you want!

How can I e-mail my students before my class starts?

Bannerweb includes a variety of “Faculty Services” including enrollment information for classes that you may be teaching.  A useful function is the ability to e-mail your students individually and as a group using their @miis.edu accounts.  This is useful if you would like to make contact with your students before the first class meeting.  For example, to send them the enrollment key for your Moodle course space.

These directions explain how to obtain the “Downloadable Class Roster” available in the Bannerweb Faculty Services module:

  1. Log-in to Bannerweb with your 8 digit Banner ID # and your password at http://go.miis.edu/bannerweb
  2. Click on “Faculty Services” in the menubar
  3. Determine the CRN (Course Reference Number) for the course you want to access.  Click “Course Selection: Course Reference Number (CRN) in the list of Faculty Services, and take note of the number. You will use this in the next step. The CRN is a unique (5-digit) number assigned to each course section. Only the courses for which you are assigned will be available in the drop down menu box for you to pick from.Bannerweb Faculty Services: Download Class Roster
  4. Return to the main “Faculty Service” tab.  Then, click on “Downloadable Class Roster” in the list of Faculty Services on this page.  Enter the 5 digit CRN code, then click “Get Roster.”  An excel spreadsheet file will be downloaded.
  5. Open the Excel file and look for the column labeled “Email.”  Highlight the data (e-mail addresses) in the column and paste them into the To: field of your e-mail program.

What’s the best place to upload a video file for sharing?

For open public sharing, the most common free services are YouTube and Vimeo.

For more controlled sharing and privacy you can also try MiddMedia, a free flash media server hosted at Middlebury that is linked to your Net ID account.  Learn more about using MiddMedia for multimedia file sharing.

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