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How Do I Manage Tags?

WordPress tags are helpful for making your blog posts show up in search engine results. Many themes have tag clouds that make it easy for readers to click the topic they want to read about.

You can insert tags directly in the Edit Post interface. Simply type in the keyword(s) and click Add.








You can manage tags by clicking Posts in the left menu column and then Tags.

Tags can be an additional way to organize and search your site.  An easy way to view the tags you have added is to view All Posts at one time.  Here you can see how each post is categorized or taged:

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 4.51.43 PM










How Do I Add or Edit Categories?

Sorting blog posts by categories is a best practice for blogging. To add or edit categories, click Posts in the left menu column and then Categories.

Sorting blog posts by categories is a best practice for blogging. To add or edit categories, click Posts in the left menu column and then Categories.

Then click Add New Category.



To edit a category, hover over the category name and you will see more options appear. Click Edit.

Edit the category as needed and click Update.









If you would like all of your blog posts to show up on one page of your website you will need to add your category to the main menu and select this category on all of your blog posts.

How do I set a featured image on a blog or website?

Depending on the theme you have chosen, you may want to set a featured image.

1.  To set the featured image, go back into the Edit Post interface, scroll down, and click “Set Featured Image” on the right side.

2.  Click the ‘Gallery’ tab and click “Show” next to the image.


















3.  Click “Use as featured image”.

















4.  You can then close the pop up window and click “Update”.


How do I get all blog posts into one page on my blog or website?

Unless you adjust your privacy settings, all of your posts will be published the moment you select “Publish”.  Many bloggers choose to create more than one blog or perhaps embed their blog into a website.

In order to have all of your blog posts arrive in one place you will want to create a category for this blog and make sure that each post designates that category.  You can do this by selecting your category under the “Categories” section.











If your blog post has not been published yet and you are ready to publish it, simply select “Edit” under the post title and you can review the post to make sure there are no issues and then click “Publish”.

How do I add a document to a blog?

You can upload documents such as PDF files and provide a download link within the blog post.

1.  To do this, use the same Upload/Insert button as you would for images. Select the file to be uploaded.

The ‘Title’ of the document will be the download link.

2.  When ready, click Insert into Post.

















You will see the title of the document show up as a hyperlink in the body of the text.

3.  Once you are finished uploading images or documents, click “Publish”. You will see the message “Post published. View post” or “Post updated. View post”.

How do I add media to a blog post?

1.  In the ‘Add New Post’ interface, click “Upload/Insert”.

2.  The ‘Add Media’ window will pop up. You can upload files from your computer or from a URL.

You can add media files like images or documents here.

3.  The easiest way to align the images within the blog post is to make sure you click exactly where you want it amidst the text and then click “Upload/Insert”.

Select the image(s) to be uploaded. Once the image has been uploaded successfully, you will see a screen similar to this:

The default ‘Title’ of the image will be the original file name, which can be changed. You may choose to write a caption, which will automatically show up on the blog post.

4.  After configuring the settings (i.e. Alignment, Size), click “Insert into Post”.

5.  You can also insert the whole gallery of images instead of inserting them one by one. To do this, upload all the images you want in the photo gallery, then click the “Gallery” tab. Change the settings as you wish, then click “Insert Gallery”.

How do I add a new blog post?

Adding a new blog post is easy.

1.  In the top toolbar, click “Add New”, and then “Post”.










This will take you to the ‘Add New Post’ page.

Although there may be a few differences depending on the theme you chose, the interface will remain the same when you create a new post:

2.  Simply write a new blog post, use categories and tags, and click “Publish”.

How do I choose a theme for my blog?

You can leave the theme of your blog as is, or change it as you wish.

1.  To change the theme, click on “Appearance” from the left menu column.












You can try out the different themes by clicking “Preview” under each theme.

You may want to consider a few things when picking your blog’s theme:

  • Your audience- is it professional or mainly for friends & family?
  • Color scheme- what works with your photos (dark or light background)
  • Your layout- will you have a blog roll or include some of your favorite links?

2.  Click “Activate” once you’re sure you want to make the change.

How do I embed a Youtube video in a blog post?

There are two ways two easy ways to embed a video into your blog post.

One way is with Youtube, the other is with our internal video hosting platform called Middmedia.

In this post we offer instructions for embedding a video that has already been uploaded to youtube.com. Here are the instructions for embedding a video uploaded to the Middmedia platform.

  • You can then click the “share” button, under the video itself:












  • This will give you an html code, you only need to copy the video id (the short segment after the embed/ without the end quote)
  • Then under the Text tab type: “