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How do I tag URLs for online marketing campaigns so that we can track their success with Google Analytics?

There are several tags you can add to the end of our www.miis.edu URLs so that we can track online marketing campaigns via Google Analytics, whether these campaigns focus on email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or external websites (grist.org, gradschools.com, princetonreview.com, etc.). You can use the Google URL Builder Tool to guide you through the process.

Please follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. In the “Website URL” field, enter the web address of the page you would like people to visit after they click on the link or ad.
  2. In the “Campaign Source” field, enter the source of the campaign such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Grist, Gradschools.com, Email (our MIIS Constant Contact account) etc.
  3. In the “Campaign Medium” field, enter the type of the campaign such as CPC, Email, Banner, Directory, etc.
  4. In the “Campaign Name” field, name your promotion. Be as specific as possible. Here are some examples…
    • Google AdWords: “G:India Search-MBA (English)” OR “G:USA Display-Peace Corps (English)”
    • Facebook Campaign: “F:YellowRibbon-MBA USA(English)”
    • LinkedIn Campaign: “L: TISP – USA (English)”
    • Banner Ads: “FP:Banner-IPS-Sept2011” Note: FP= Foreign Policy
    • Email Campaigns: External: “FP:Email-IPS-Dec2011” or Internal (via Constant Contact): “Email:TI-Scholarships-Feb2012”
  5. Click “Generate URL.”

Here’s a helpful screenshot of the toolbuilder:

You can also use the “Campaign Term” field to differentiate between paid keywords (You would use this feature when tagging URLs on a Google AdWords account.) And you can use the “Campaign Content” field to differentiate between the content of your ads (i.e. the text and photos), if your running two or more ads concurrently about the same product or promo. Imagine two ads about the IEP program on Grist with different photos, or two ads about the Yellow Ribbon program on Facebook with different headline text.

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