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How do I set up Outlook 2010 for use with my MIIS email account?

Click on the Outlook 2010 icon to start Outlook.

If there is no desktop shortcut icon, go to Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Outlook 2010.

You should see the beginning screen:

Click ‘Next’ and select ‘Yes’ on the next page.

Click ‘Next’ again.

Make sure ‘Manually configure server settings…” is checked.

Click ‘Next’

Make sure Microsoft Exchange is selected.

Click ‘Next’

Enter mail.middlebury.edu as the Microsoft Exchange server name, and enter your Middlebury Net ID as the User Name.

Make sure ‘Cached Exchange Mode’ box is checked.

Click ‘More Settings.’

Go to the ‘Connection’ tab along the top.

Check the box, ‘Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP’

Click on ‘Exchange Proxy Settings’

Enter mail.middlebury.edu under Connection settings.

Make sure both ‘fast networks’ and ‘slow networks’ boxes are checked.

Click OK

At this point you have entered all the necessary settings.  Click OK.

Click Next.

Be sure to enter your User name as midd\username

Click Finish to end the Setup.  Your mail should now begin copying over from the Exchange server.

How do I set up Microsoft Outlook 2003 for use with my MIIS email account?

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Within the Windows Control Panel open the Mail control panel. If no profiles exist,
  3. the Mail control panel displays the dialog box below:

    Click the Add button, type in the name Outlook, then click Ok.

    If a profile does exist, the following displays:

  4. Click on the Email Accounts Button. The Email Accounts wizard starts.
  5. Select Add a new e-mail account and click the Next button. The Server Type displays (not pictured).
  6. Select Microsoft Exchange Server and click the Next button. The Exchange Server settings displays.
  7. Type mail.middlebury.edu for the Exchange server name and your user name in the user name field, then click the More Settings button. Ensure that Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked. A login to panther.middlebury.edu displays.
  8. image:login.jpg

  9. In the User name field type midd\your-user-id (e.g. midd\jsmith); in the password field type the password you set via the web, then click OK.
  10. After a successful login the Exchange Server settings dialog box displays.
  11. Image:svrset2.jpg

  12. Select the Connection tab. Check the Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP check box near the bottom then click the Exchange Proxy Settings button.
  13. The Exchange Proxy Settings dialog box displays.


  14. In the Use this URL… field type mail.middlebury.edu. Make sure the check boxes for On fast networks… and On Slow networks… are checked. Make sure the Proxy Authentication settings uses NTLM Authentication.
  15. Click the OK button to close the Exchange Proxy Settings dialog box.
  16. Click the Ok button to close the Microsoft Exchange Server dialog box.
  17. Click the Next button to continue the Email Accounts wizard. If you have an existing email account created you may receive a notice to change default delivery mailbox for your new account. Click Yes to continue.
  18. Click the Finish button to close the Email Accounts wizard.
  19. Click Close to close the Mail control panel.
  20. You can now start Outlook. You will be prompted to log into the panther.middlebury.edu server when Outlook starts. Your user name must be in the form midd\your-user-id.
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