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How do I forward Outlook/Exchange emails to other email addresses?

You can forward your MIIS emails to another address by setting up inbox rules through the Outlook Web App.

Faculty and staff should not forward their e-mail as this creates security and privacy concerns.

Please note that your MIIS address is considered your official contact between you and the school. If you are forwarding your MIIS email, it is your responsibility to ensure the forward works so you do not miss important emails.

The following steps were adapted from Microsoft’s instructions found on this link. When forwarding messages, copies of the messages that you forward remains in your mailbox. Note that if you follow the above link, you probably want to redirect your e-mail (the first set of instructions), so that if you reply from the forwarded address, replies will go to the original sender. If you forward your e-mail (using the second instructions), each e-mail will look like it came from your own MIIS account

1. Log into your MIIS account at GO.MIIS.EDU/MAIL

2. In the upper-right of your Outlook Web App window, select Settings > View All Outlook Settings.

3. Under mail settings, click “Forwarding”.

4. Check the “Enable Formatting” box and enter the email address in the To box.

5.  Choose “Save” to create the rule. The set-up is complete!

For more information on mail forwarding, click on this Middlebury wiki found on this link.

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