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How do I download YouTube videos with FireFox?

If you thought downloading YouTube videos in Safari was easy just wait until you try this cool new add-on for FireFox that allows you to download .flv files in the much more flexible .mp4 format.

  1. Go to Video DownloadHelper and select the appropriate version. After it downloads, restart your FireFox browser. You should see a  strange, black-and-white, molecule-like icon next to the address bar.
  2. Now, simply open the YouTube page of the video you wish to download and, suddenly, the icon will become animated.  Click on the small triangle next to the icon to open a tab of options.
  3. Select which file format you would like and click download. Select the destination folder and the the video will automatically convert to the desired format upon saving. You can open it using most major media players.

Good luck and stay legal!

How do I download videos from YouTube using Safari?

Downloading a movie from YouTube is easier than operating a microwave.  You don’t even need a YouTube account!  With just a internet browser (Safari in this case) and a few clicks you can watch your favorite, legal clips from your hard drive.

However, before you start downloading, please review U.S. fair use laws to make sure that you do not break the law.

Now let’s get started!

Step 1: After opening Safari, go to the window tab and select activity.

Picture 1

This should bring up an activity box with a list of every task that the browser has loaded.

Step 2: Go to YouTube and open the page for the video you wish to download.  As it is loading, browse the activity box for the specific video task.  It will most likely be the largest file.

Picture 4

Now simply double-click on the file and it will automatically download to your desktop in a flash video format (.flv).

Step 3: To view the clip, you can either download a player that will read .flv files (VLC Player is a good choice) or you can convert the file into more flexible format using Handbrake.

Good luck and remember to stay legal!

How do I upload my video project to YouTube using iMovie 09?

Uploading your project from iMovie 09 to YouTube is simple!  All you need is your completed project and a YouTube account to get started (sign on to youtube.com and get your free account).

Before you start your exporting and uploading, it’s important to note that YouTube allows videos that are up to 2GB in size and 10 minutes in length.  Here is the help article from YouTube.com – http://bit.ly/crM5K5

Step 1: Navigate to the share menu and select the YouTube option.

Share to YouTube

Note:  This will open up a dialogue box that will prompt you to select your YouTube user name.

Step 2: Fill in the blank fields in the “Publish your project to YouTube” dialogue box.  You have the option of creating mobile and medium sized movies, which will change the file size of your exported video.  For this example, the project will be exported as a movie that is 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall (If you have a long video, you might consider exporting and uploading your project as a mobile sized video).

YouTube Username

Step 3: After you have filled in all of the fields, click the next button to start exporting and uploading to YouTube.  After you click next, a dialogue box will open requiring you to acknowledge that your project complies with all copyright laws.

YouTube Copyright

Step 4: Click the “publish” button and iMovie will begin the export and upload process.  The duration of this process will depend on the length of your project as well as the quality of the footage that you have imported into your project.

Preparing Project iMovie

Once your project is done uploading, iMovie will display a confirmation dialogue that will provide the url to your project on YouTube.com.

iMovie YouTube Confirmation

After this step, YouTube’s software will work on further converting your file to optimize it for viewing on the web.  You’re all done!

Follow this link to view a Knowledge Base tutorial on embeding a YouTube video on a blogs.miis blog: http://sites.miis.edu/kb/2009/10/19/how-do-i-embed-a-video-in-a-blog-post/

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