Monterey Model Curriculum: The Joint Collaboration between the Arabic, Chinese and Russian Programs

Mahmoud Abdalla, Ph.D.,

Jinhuei Dai, Ph.D.,

Anna Vassilieva, Ph.D.,

Monterey Institute of International Studies


Monterey Model is a signature pedagogical model that is devised in a way that would allow students from different language groups and areas of expertise to come together several times during the semester in order to exchange their views and acquired knowledge pertinent to selected themes. Students, professors and invited distinguished experts will be discussing differences in public, media and governmental views related to important international events and role of languages in regional politics. The joint coordinated curriculum will consist of the following topics: 1) Overview. Ethnic groups and minorities. Concepts of territory, geography, security; 2) Islam in country specific case studies; 3) Security. Terrorism. Border Issues; and 4) Language specific themes.