The Change You Hope to Make: Peace Corps Teaching Implications


Monica Schneiderman,

Rebecca Clayton,

Kaede Johnson,

Master’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Monterey Institute of International Studies


Have you ever considered teaching abroad? In this 45-minute session, three returned Peace Corps volunteers share their unique perspectives on language learning and teaching in an EFL environment. While immersed in a local culture, these teachers explored innovative ways to make language learning come alive. Monica, a university professor in Nicaragua, talks about how language can connect distant lives, showing how English is useful in an increasingly globalized world. Rebecca, a junior high school teacher in a South African village, reflects upon her dual role as both a volunteer and an educator. Kaede, a teacher trainer in Mongolia, discusses the challenges of situating teaching methodology within particular cultural contexts. These volunteers’ insights, collected and brought back from overseas, provide new strategies for making change in our own language classrooms.