Eiad Alhamed – Have Fun with It! (Arabic, English)

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Story taken from interview with Eiad, MBA & MA International Policy & Development, ’18; Written by K.Throgmorton

Eiad talks about learning English almost by accident. While his father was teaching his sisters with textbooks and CD programs, Eiad listened to English music, and played video games. Soon, the language came easily and he was pursuing his education in places like Cyprus and Montana, USA.

“When you’re learning a language constantly, it’s sometimes difficult to feel like you’re making much progress”, said Eiad. One moment Eiad realized he had surpassed a new milestone in English was when he was invited to give a Ted talk in front of an English speaking audience in Cyprus. He told his stories and felt comfortable. Language barriers disappeared and he found a natural flow. Another milestone came in Montana when he was asked to debate on live TV about his home country, Syria.

With each new experience, he continues to grow and change. His goals have changed from his time studying engineering as a university undergraduate. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration and International Policy and Development. At each stage of his educational career, he maintains a focus on learning new things in the English language. Everyday there is something new to learn – and that’s part of the fun.

He now plans to use his experience studying marketing strategies and  management skills to start an educational organization in Syria. Eiad recognizes the long-term timeline of this goal, and with a focus towards the future, he takes every opportunity to grow his repertoire and build his language skills. Through language education, he sees potential to build bridges and foster more tolerance.

Language learning should be fun and experiential. Eiad is a great example of someone who lives by this sentiment. He learns by doing.  English and Arabic work together to provide new ways to think and express multiple layers to a problem. When he can’t find the words to process his thoughts in one language, Eiad has a second language to fill in the gaps and add complexities and nuances. He confronts life’s challenges with bilingual strategies and a positive outlook on life.  

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