Elizabeth Anderson – Pieces of the Puzzle (Spanish, Arabic)

All Student Stories, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Story taken from interview with Elizabeth, NPTS, ’17; Written by K.Throgmorton

Elizabeth started her language journey with a high school student exchange program to Marbella, Spain. In that small coastal town, she learned Spanish through immersion in the culture and was able to gain proficiency in the language otherwise unattainable through classroom learning.

Henry Clock – So many languages, so little time (Chinese, Arabic)

All Student Stories, International Policy and Development

Story written by Henry Clock, IPD, ’16

h-clock-great-wallI spent 2012 learning Arabic and Chinese in immersive learning experiences in Morocco, Shanghai and Cairo. Study abroad experiences made both languages come alive but it was difficult to keep up my skills in one language while studying and living in the other.

Peter Soroka – Luckily, I Lost my Luggage (Arabic)

All Student Stories, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

peterStory written by Peter Soroka, NPTS, ’14

As I stepped onto the tarmac at Muscat International Airport to begin a summer long Arabic program, I became enveloped by a heavy miasma of humidity. I couldn’t wait to grab my luggage, head to my air-conditioned hotel room, and change into lighter clothing. Little did I know that these simple desires would never come to fruition.