Ling Juan – More in Common Than I Thought (Korean, Chinese)

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Story written by Ling Juan, IPD, ’18

Growing up in Taiwan, Mandarin was my first language. My first encounters with Korean were watching Korean dramas with my grandmother as a child. Learning Korean was naturally fun to me as a beginner; the pronunciation of Hanja is similar to Chinese and the spelling is alphabetic like English.

Christina Lukeman – Taking Chances, Making Changes (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese)

All Student Stories, Master of Business Administration

Story taken from interview with Christina Lukeman, MBA, ’17; Written by K.Throgmorton

Learning a language is humbling; it’s hard to do and takes time as well as dedication. When Christina talks about the languages she speaks and the learning process they require, she acknowledges just how awkward it can feel to start learning a new language.


Henry Clock – So many languages, so little time (Chinese, Arabic)

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Story written by Henry Clock, IPD, ’16

h-clock-great-wallI spent 2012 learning Arabic and Chinese in immersive learning experiences in Morocco, Shanghai and Cairo. Study abroad experiences made both languages come alive but it was difficult to keep up my skills in one language while studying and living in the other.