William Giller – Time, Motivation, Inhibition (English, Spanish, French, German, Croatian, Russian, Cantonese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin)

All Student Stories, Graduate Programs, Translation and Interpretation

Story taken from interview with William, MA Translation, ’18; Written by K.Throgmorton

When William speaks about languages, his whole being lights up. He is positive and speaks with passion and energy. It’s not about how many languages, how fluent you are, or how many vocabulary words or grammar rules you know when it comes to learning and speaking different languages. William identifies with languages for a variety of reasons and differently in different circumstances. Some ideas and feelings are easier to express in one language or another and directly translating isn’t always enough. William speaks about a multi-lingual lifestyle and communication style that he works diligently to cultivate.

Erik Molina – Who says learning languages is too hard? (Spanish, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese)

All Student Stories, Bachelor's Degree International Studies, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Story taken from interview with Erik, BAIS/MANPTS, ’18; Written by K.Throgmorton

Who says learning languages is too hard? Well, a lot of people actually. Enough that Erik listened to them for a while in high school. It was until he tried for himself that he found learning languages was actually pretty easy. Easy perhaps isn’t the best word but languages do come quickly for Erik.