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A new home, a new adventure

So, it actually happened. Us three adventurous teaching assistants, Carrie, Nathalie, and I, finally found a charming bungalow in coveted St Gilles-les-bains. I asked the girls how long it had taken them to get to the beach the day they came to check out the place, and they told me 6 minutes…and they got lost. Needless to say, we’re not far. And if you walk down our decently long driveway, across the street is a nightclub that hosts salsa dancing every Thursday night. Needless to say, that’s where we’ll be heading in a few nights. My shoes haven’t been worn in months!

So we had a good first night. Having no food, we bought Creole pizza, listened to music, put up posters, and walked to the beach. Us girls are pretty happy in our little bungalow. It’s not high end luxury, but for 265 euros a person (Carrie and me are sharing a room), it’s really cheap…which means our salaries can go towards more important things like traveling….yup, life is pretty good, by the sea. Admittedly it was hard to say goodbye to Dominique, who dropped me off with Marlene. They were like two mothers, inspecting the place, helping me move my things in, and the expected “Be careful at night, don’t go out by yourself.” Nathalie and I waved them goodbye as they drove away. At least I know I will see them now and then, I’m not worried. Now we just have to learn how to surf…


  1. lauranium

    Hey Thierry! You’re right, I’ll try to take less touristy photos ;-). St Gilles is pretty awesome, especially since we found a cheap bungalow. I’m working in La Possession in colleges Raymond Verges, Jean Albany, and Texeira Mota. How is Corsica? Hope all is well!

  2. Junglelove Titi

    Saint-Gilles ? Oow lucky you are my dear Laura ! I like this cute place (sometimes expensive) with surf, waves and sharks !!! I hope you will spend a big part of time in this city.
    Your pictures are typical, show us more !
    In which college do you work ?
    Cheers !

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