All of us have our firsts. Our first day of kindergarten, our first time in high school. The first time we drive a car, the first date. The first time we move away from home, the first time we live overseas. It seems like so many firsts can happen in life, and it just makes everything all the more exciting. But as we get older, it seems that there seem to be less and less firsts, because we have already done so many things. I hate that “never have I ever” game because it is so easy to lose. But before I start fearing that life is over at 26 (heheheh) I am in luck, because there are more firsts. If you aren’t interested in my personal life, by the way, stop reading now, if you haven’t already gotten bored.

This month has been a lot of firsts that I somehow missed in life. Some were not so great, like my car’s first water pump failure, or my first time putting a utility bill in my name, but there have been some great firsts too: My first time finding a house to rent with friends, my first time buying lights for my new bike…my first time driving my car through a car wash. All of these things really seem normal to some people, but for me, I feel like a little kid again, trying to figure out how the world works.Oh yeah, and it’s my first time in grad school.

So I guess this blog will have to adjust a little bit, because although I may travel, most of the adventures will be happening in the classroom, relating to things that may or may not interest you. But hey, there might be some fun along the way. Welcome to Monterey, California.