Sometimes it’s hard living in Africa. Your “standard of comfort” as I call it is rather low….you get used to dirt, sweat, crowded places, trash everywhere, the list goes on. But then again, life for us “mzungus” (white people) is still really plush compared to the average Tanzanian. I will admit, my new apartment is in the nicest and most expensive complex in town, with guard and laundry washing facilities included. Sweet.

I was thinking about this when we went on an outing last weekend to an exclusive resort called Lazy Lagoon. Completely isolated on a 9 kilometer island, this hotel resort really takes “mzungu standard of living” to a higher level. When we arrived, not only was the pool sparkling clean, but the lodge and restaurant was so luscious and comfortable, you could understand how the name Lazy Lagoon could really fit the place. Even the food itself was incredible, every bite left you wanting more, with combinations of local fresh fish and vegetables. The owner had to kick us off the island at the end of the day, and we rather reluctantly left.

It really makes you think though. Here I feel like we live like kings, staying in hotels and eating in restaurants for what seems like chump change to the average westerner. Of course I think of my students for example, who have only travelled with their school group, and would not normally get the chance to eat out or go to a fancy resort. They probably will never know what they are missing out on, or how life is in other places, like Europe where every kid is typing their homework on a fancy iPad instead of using old notebooks and pencils borrowed from school. And they probably will never know what nice pool and beach exists at Lazy Lagoon, a mere 20 minutes away from their homes.