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I’m in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo


The day has come, I am waiting in the terminal at LAX with 79 other Peace Corps Trainees, awaiting our journey across the Pacific Ocean. I have checked two pieces of luggage (both under the weight limit at 38lb and 46lb), in which I packed enough underwear for two years, modest clothing, weather-ready footwear, sunscreen, curly hair products (can’t leave home without ’em), a hammock, yoga mat, and some other technical items.

Thank you everyone for your calls, your advice, and your support. I have mixed emotions as I get ready to leave, I am simultaneously nervous and excited. Talking with other volunteers helps keep me on the positive end of the emotion spectrum, but saying goodbye is hard and tears are just part of the process.

When I arrived in LA yesterday morning, I spent the rest of the day in training reviewing the commitment of Peace Corps service and talking about our anxieties and excitement. Turns out, tons of other folks are scared of the snakes too ;). We all know we are up for some personal challenges over the next 27 months, and being in the same boat, we will be a valuable support network for each other.

This morning was orderly, despite there being 80 volunteers with luggage, boarding two buses and checking into our flight. Security was a breeze. I even saw a celebrity, Katie Holmes! I have made phone calls to say goodbye to family and friends and now its time to wrap up this post so I can get ready to board my flight. Next update from the Philippines!

love. L

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