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In honor of Peace Corps Week

As a Peace Corps Volunteer I am an avid, extreme weather biker. Rain, sun, heat, it doesn’t matter. My two wheels will take me anywhere. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am an expert. Environmental surveys, sure. Need a new ordinance or revisions to an existing one? I can do policy too. Educational campaigns for youth and adults? No problem. As a Peace Corps Volunteer I am busy and I am idle. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am a linguist. I speak English, I speak Visaya, I speak Tagalog and I pick up whatever is useful along the way. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am my own personal doctor. I attempt to diagnose and treat my symptoms. Persistent conditions are reported and treated by those who have earned the professional credentials. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am a travel agent! I traverse this archipelago like it’s my job. Sometimes, its part of the job ☺ As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am a babysitter. In the morning and in the afternoon, if I am at my house, I have the company of a two year old, a three year old, and two six year olds. They want to eat, they want to play, they want to know what I am doing, and they want my attention all the time. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I do more with less… all the time. Improvising is part of the job description. (Fun life hack, a sleeve of staples makes a terrific eyeglass repair tool) As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am always ready but never prepared.


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