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Coral Gardening Project Part 2


Meeting with the People’s Organization for the Marine Protected Area in Barangay Tanagan


Explaining the steps for coral gardening

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to the project! I met with the beneficiaries yesterday for the project in Tanagan!  It was a productive meeting.  I had 15 people there to learn about the project and suggest activities, like expanding their MPA for a permanent nursery area! They are also excited about the prospect of expanding the project into an ecotourism activity!

Next step, build the coral nursery unit (CNU), buy materials, and get training started.  I even met two of our local divers! They have been out of the water for a long time, but we will get them on a couple refresher dives before the start of the project!

Later this month I will stay in Tanagan for a few days for the project! I’m excited to get to know their community better and we are all psyched for some coral restoration!

Exciting sidebar: They started talking about butanding sitings in Pagaspas Bay!  What is a butanding you ask?  Its a WHALE SHARK!  Maybe we will get lucky and see some while we are at work in Tanagan.  We have a good chance of seeing some dolphins while we are out there!  I saw them at the MPA once already!  Now, to just join them in the water!


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