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How you can help

Propose a change to our core competencies typology

If you would like to propose a change to our core competencies typology, please fill out our form.

Submit analysis of a job description

  1. Explore sites like LinkedIn, the job board of Women in Localization or GALA, Indeed, etc., to find a current job description in localization management. Preferably, the job description will have been posted within the last three months, and the job description should represent an entry-level position in localization (i.e. localization or translation project coordinator or manager, vendor or talent manager, localization engineer etc.).
  2. Log the job description in the LM CC corpus collection of the TILM corpora, following the instructions indicated in the form. (Save your job citation! You’ll need the exact citation when logging new skills for inclusion in the LM CC draft typlogy.)
  3. Analyze the job description against our LM CC draft typology presented here on this site.
  4. Log any skill not currently presented in our LM CC draft typology using our LM CC job description analysis entry form. You’ll need to log each skill using a new entry form. That is to say, if you identify 5 new skills, you’ll submit an entry form for each new skill, five total entry forms. (Please don’t let that deter you from logging all new skills!)
  5. Submit your final reflections on the job description you analyzed via our After Action Review survey.

Take our industry survey

Our industry survey is forthcoming in September of 2019!

Do your own research

Standards organizations emphasize equality, fairness, and engagement with all stakeholders in the development of standards. For instance, the American National Standards Institute indicates certain “hallmarks” of the standards development process, including “consensus by a group that is open to representatives from all interested and materially affected parties” (Slide 29, “An Introduction to Standards: Why, Where, and How Are They Developed?”).

That is to say that to be successful, standardization cannot come from a single organization or individual, or from a single line of research.

Research into localization management job descriptions, while important, represents just one line of inquiry into the core competences necessary for professional practice.

To contribute to standardization, consider doing your own study of the industry! Interesting lines of inquiry may include time studies which observe and track the actions carried out by the LM in the course of their day-to-day activities to determine areas of critical analysis and decision making that are key skills for the role.

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