Luxembourg Education Acts

In 1843, Luxembourg established its first school law, relying heavily on ideas drawn from existing school laws in: France, Belgium, and Batavia (now the Netherlands)

  • inspired probably by 3 school laws
    • Conflict over including French in curriculum as required. Defend this requirement by saying “frequent relations with france” and the fact that people went on to work Belgium and france. Mainly, they had just established an administrative law that effectively gave german and French equal importance. French was an intellectual language whereas german was the language of the church
    • French influence: after french revolution, Luxembourg became part of the French republic: imposed “laïcité” (secularity) in schools

In 2009, the Luxembourg primary education system underwent major reform as detailed on the page, Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Foundations and as explained in the video below.


Thyseen, Geert (2013). The stranger within: Luxembourg’s early school system as a European prototype of nationally legitimized international blends (ca. 1974-1844). Paedagogica Historica: International Journal of the History of Education, 49:5, 625-644

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