Working in Heritage Harbor

Even though I’m not in Belize or Papua New Guinea for the summer, I get to work in a beautiful city and a unique location. Heritage Harbor, next to the fishermans’ wharf and the Bay, is the perfect place to work for anyone interested in marine issues. From the view of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to the old whaling station adobe, with a mix of marine/environmental organizations, the plaza is a mix of past, present, and future for Monterey.

Coordination and collaboration are essential for ocean conservation and management, which helps when similar organizations can be seen from your window. Just a small list of the organizations here include: The Monterey Bay Aquarium (offices), the Nature Conservancy, various NOAA offices, the MBNMSF, Oceana (the Monterey office), and many more. I’ve already worked with persons from two other offices who are contributing to the success of the Leatherback Summit.