About me

Right after finishing his first year at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Malcolm Johnson started his fellowship with Oceana. As an International Environmental Policy student in the Ocean and coastal resource management track, he had the opportunity to apply for a summer fellowship based out of the Center for the Blue Economy. With plans to remain in the city of Monterey for the summer, the chance to work at the Oceana office down the street from campus seemed like a dream come true.

Malcolm was born and raised in Alexandria, VA, but his love for the ocean calcified from his visits to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Instead of moving closer to the beach, he spent 4 years in Kansas attending Wichita State University where he got a degree in Sociology, with a focus in the environment. Fortunately, as a rower he was able to spend every morning on the Arkansas River until the journey out to California. While at MIIS, Malcolm’s research has focused on environmental education, particularly in Latin America.

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