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Malcolm Radio Show Episode 7

Posted by Malcolm on 21st October 2013

For the week of October 21st Trying to find to podcast during this hectic time of the year Episode 7 takeaways: – Halloween Party this Saturday! – Protecting Pacific leatherbacks, one Summit at a time – Music Credit: Old School Love – Lupe Fiasco (© Atlantic Records) Stay awesome!

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Malcolm Radio Show Episode 6

Posted by Malcolm on 7th October 2013

For the week of October 7th After a week off, it feels good to get back in the booth. Episode 6 takeaways: – Third Social Hour is this Friday – It’s hard being an environmentalist during a government shutdown – Andrew Victor has more stories than you can handle – DJ DiaLogic provides a soundtrack […]

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Understanding the Government Shutdown’s Environmental Impact

Posted by Malcolm on 6th October 2013

Six days ago, the US government shutdown. This is not the first time that this has occurred, in fact it has happened 17 times before. Simply put, the reason behind the current shutdown, and past ones as well, is due to the great divide between republicans and democrats and their “interests.” From abortions to environmental […]

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Episode 6 Preview

Posted by Malcolm on 4th October 2013

Let me know if there is any topic you’d like to hear about, event’s you’d like me to mention, or people you’d like to hear interviewed (including yourself). Preview: What’s What – There are more students in Samson Center than normal Green Rant – Shutting down the environment Student Interview – Andrew Victor aka DJ DiaLogic […]

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