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My plan for the next episode of the Malcolm Radio Show

Episode 5 Preview

Posted by Malcolm on 19th September 2013

The next episode will consist of a longer Green Rant in place of the student interview with students joining me for the segment.


What’s What – 1 month of classes finished

Green Rant – To KXL or not to KXL, that is the question

  • Fellow IEP students Matthew Nichols and Nate Maynard, plus everyone’s favorite IEP/MBA alumni Jessy Bradish, will be joining me for the Green Rant to talk about KXL, the international impact it has, and the capabilities of civil disobedience in changing the debate.

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Episode 4 Preview

Posted by Malcolm on 11th September 2013

Let me know if there is any topic you’d like to hear about, event’s you’d like me to mention, or people you’d like to hear interviewed (including yourself). I can’t get enough of this!


What’s What – Getting into the groove of things

Green Rant – Climate stressors and conflict

Student Interview – President of Gay & Co and ridiculously nice guy, Bryan Weiner

MIISRadio Connect – Seriously, I know you want to take a crack at podcasting.

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Episode 3 Preview

Posted by Malcolm on 3rd September 2013

Did anyone else have as much fun as I did with the music? Recording and editing took much less time than the last. Share this with your friends and don’t be afraid to criticize me, as long as it is constructive!


What’s What – Student Council elections!

Green Rant – What the Fukushima?

Student Interview – Global Majority Office Manager, club President, and Chile fanatic Sydney Bern-Story

MIISRadio Connect – Do I have to start finding people on campus?

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Episode 2 Preview

Posted by Malcolm on 26th August 2013

I just want to be honest, the first episode took me about 15 takes while recording. I’m not yet use to the way my voice sounds. Let’s see about getting that number down to one take!


What’s What – Social hour, StuCo nominations, Activities Fair, MIISion Connect, and a DLC Open House

Green Rant – What’s the deal with wildfires?

Student Interview – Meet your StuCo Executive Board: Ghazal Rahman (Vice President), Jocelyn Rheem (Secretary), Alex Ikeda (Treasurer), Joan Wang (Communications Director)

MIISRadio Connect – Conference/immersive learning funding deliverables

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Episode 1 Preview

Posted by Malcolm on 23rd August 2013

After a few technical hiccups, I recorded my first radio podcast! I’ll be editing the recording and posting episode 1 next week, so stay tuned.


What’s What – Orientation is finished and students want to get involved!

Green Rant – How do we achieve 0 carbon emissions at an international school?

Student Interview – Jessy Bradish, environmental comedian and DLC guru.

MIISRadio Connect – Stop on by the DLC to find out how to make your own show!

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