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Green Rant

“Green Rant” is my opportunity to talk about sustainability, usually based on current events. Want to join me in my rant?

Week of October 21st – CBE Fellowship

  • CBE fellows were all over the world
  • My work was with Oceana
  • Organized the Pacific Leatherback Conservation Summit
  • Bi-national success in the form of a declaration

Week of September 23rd- Keystone XL

  • After 5 long years, the decision is imminent
  • The US likely won’t benefit from the pipeline
  • In fact, lobbyists are the only real winners here
  • #NoKXL

Week of September 16th – Conflict multiplier

  • Climate change is multipling conflict
  • Syria is just one location where conflict is arising
  • Obama administration has had a few successes
  • The international community has more work to do

Week of September 9th – Fukushima

  • Radiation is leaking at unseen levels
  • Radiation to reach US by 2014
  • Radiation within WHO allowable levels
  • Lack of international support

Week of September 2nd – Rim Fire and the future of wildfires

  • The Rim Fire is still threatening Yosemite
  • Infrastructure, homes, and campsites are at risk
  • Climate disturbance is partially to blame
  • Policy tools are needed to address future wildfires

Week of August 26th – Sustainability at an International School

  • Climate commitment for 0 emissions by 2016
  • Terracycle, CFL bulbs, batteries, and recycling on campus
  • Transportation is a challenge for emissions
  • GHG audit being created at the very moment