How to use MALL

MALL can be incorporated into language instruction in really two main ways.

First, a teacher may want to use mobile devices to enhance the instruction that takes place within, or at least is centered around, the language classroom.   Step-by-step advice for integrating MALL so can be found on the page “I want to use MALL- now what?”.  Sample lessons are made available, as well as a list of best practices gleaned from MALL research.  A teacher would also need to consider how any use of MALL fits within the various ecosystems in which a language classroom is embedded.

Secondly, a learner may want to pursue language learning via mobile phones on their own time, perhaps to supplement what happens in the classroom.  In this scenario, a learner needs to identify the underlying assumptions about language learning that are built into these apps.  Such assumptions are almost never clearly stated, but have a large effect on their usefulness.   Guidance for doing so can be found on the page “What apps assume about learning.”

Here is a presentation on Task-Based Language Teaching using MALL:

And here is one on making the most of mobile devices for vocabulary acquisition: