Neil Hetrick’s lesson

School/Institution: Pacific Grove High School Course: English Language Development
Grade/Level: 9th-12th Theme: Navigating the job market
Language: English Materials: Cell phones, projector, whiteboard
Targeted Standard(s)/SLO(s): PI.A1; PI.A2; PI.A4; PI.B6; PI.B8; PI.C12; PII.A1; PII.A2; PII.B3; PII.B4; PII.B5; PII.C6
Essential Question(s): What do I aspire to be in the future, and how do I get there?
Rationale Statement: This lesson helps students develop the practical knowledge and skills to independently search and apply for jobs of interest using online tools and communication methods. Through scaffolding, group collaboration, and incorporation of authentic materials, the authentic task at the end of the lesson produces a product that students could utilize in their own job search.
SWBAT navigate online tools to find jobs in the local area.
SWBAT formulate polar and informational questions.
SWBAT identify the characteristic structures of professional emails.
SWBAT write an informational email to a potential employer.


Intro Phase  
Ss log into Socrative room and respond to the prompt: “Describe your perfect after-school job. What type of skills and characteristics would employees need for that job?”

T shows anonymous responses on projector.

Ss aggregate a list of salient skills mentioned.
Proposed Timing: 10 minutes

Additional Language Coaching Potential: Comparing ideas with a partner

Formative Assessment Potential: Socrative responses

Differentiation Potential: Individual response
During Phase  
Ss log onto on heir cell phones and search for part-time jobs currently available in Pacific Grove.

Each S selects one position of interest and completes the PTJob.docx worksheet
Proposed Timing: 10 minutes

Formative Assessment Potential: Completed PTJob.docx worksheet

Differentiation Potential: Individual task
T frames activity: “By now we all have some information about these jobs, but there is still more information we need to know before applying. Therefore, this next activity will help us brainstorm a list of possible questions we can ask employers to get this information.”

T draws a T-chart on the whiteboard and labels one section “Give One” and the other section “Take One”

Ss recreate the chart in their notebooks

Entire class collaboratively creates one example polar and one wh-question. T explicitly points out features of both categories of questions

Ss individually create 3-5 further questions that they would like to ask potential employers

Ss walk around the room and share questions with each other

Class aggregates list of questions most pertinent to majority of jobs selected earlier
Proposed Timing: 15 minutes

Additional Language Coaching Potential: Question formation

Formative Assessment Potential: Give one/take one T-chart

Differentiation Potential: Variety of different partners
With partner, Ss analyze structure of example email (PGHigh_EmployerEmail.docx)

Class notes typical characteristics of this genre, and what purposes these characteristics serve
Proposed Timing: 10 minutes

Additional Language Coaching Potential: Genre analysis

Formative Assessment Potential:Classroom discussion
Closing Phase  
Ss write an email to employer they identified at the beginning of class using the questions they gathered in the give one/take one activity, and employing the professional email framework established in the genre analysis task Proposed Timing: 15 minutes

Additional Language Coaching Potential: Professional register

Formative Assessment Potential: Email as exit ticket

Differentiation Potential: Individual task with variety of scaffolding and support available