2016 Vendors

At our first Holiday Pop Up Market in 2016, we featured over 22 entrepreneurs who are paving the way for locally and sustainably sourced, fair and ethical supply chains that support local economies and community resilience. Learn about our vendors who encouraged us to continue this movement.


Bakai Wine and Tapas



Both Co.
Both Co. puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the connectivity of all things, and that what goes around comes around. Many industries today are behind the curve when it comes to consideration of the environment, public health, and local economies in the daily decisions they make. We’re bucking that trend—in fact, as a company, we make our living using practices that are restorative upon our bodies, communities, and the world around us. We’ve arrived with a fun, delicious, and local solution—one that preserves salmon populations and coral reefs for generations to come, and offers the modern consumer an alternative to conventional produce or the hyped-up marketing gimmicks surrounding the organic food movement. Learn more!


Buena Onda Imports
Buena Onda Imports is a direct trade, organic, fair wage import business with Chilean and American roots. We provide customers and distributors with the highest quality, organic food products from Chie while assuring that growers and producers are compensated fairly and supported throughout the organic certification process. Our product line includes amazing foods new to the US market like golden quinoa and merquén chile spice. Started by two best friends, Val and Katie, Buena Onda means “Good Vibes” in Chile. We want to promote organic farming and transparent business practices around the globe. Learn more!


Dawn Handcraft & Jewelry

Adelya, a professional doctor, and Alfya (a professional musician) are creating original handcrafts and jewelry. Each piece of their work is carefully designed and inspired by the fusion of Central Asian, Eastern European and American cultures. The exclusive products of Adelya and Alfya come from years of experience and long committed love for arts and creativity. Learn more!



Dutch Girl Farm

Dutch Girl Farms creates wholesome preserves and fermentations from local ingredients around the Monterey Bay area. Owner Kerstin Parr is better known as Zusje (pronounced soo-sha), a nickname meaning “little sister” given her by her older brother. Zusje grew up in Los Gatos, CA area where English was spoken by her father, Dutch by her mother, and the rich European history was passed on by her grandmother who spent half her time in Holland and half here in California. Now a mother herself, Zusje packs a little love and family along with fresh local produce in every jar. Learn more!




Etkie is a jewelry company that works with Native American artisans in New Mexico to create beaded jewelry that is now sold in over 90 high end boutiques across the globe. We’ve created jobs for six and (soon to be 9!) Navajo beaders who were formally unemployed (now if working full time they can make up to $40K) and most importantly, Etkie has provided a platform for their talent to be appreciated. Learn more!


International Market & Deli

International Market & Deli is a family owned and operated business located in Monterey, CA. We offer a wide selection of foods, beverages, cookware, and more. We hope to introduce Intercultural and healthy ethnic foods at the Holiday Pop Up Market. Learn more!


Marquet Fair Trade

Marquet is dedicated to importing handmade accessories, gifts, and decor from Thailand and Vietnam. We travel around the world to meet craftsmen and find new and exciting products. Our goal is to empower artisans and entrepreneurs in developing countries by expanding their potential to reach a larger audience. We have personally met all of our artisans. This personal connection allows us to grow our business on mutual trust and respect. As we develop deeper relationships with our artisans, we advise them on everything from products and styles to long-term hiring and growth plans. Learn more!


Maybe On Monday

We travel and connect with local artisans that we meet during our travels and bring back their stories and artwork with us. It is more than a product to us. It is a representation of someone’s life, their passion and their story. Each product is made with love and it carries that energy with it. Learn more!




Monterey Soaps & Sundries

Monterey Soaps & Sundries is a small artisan boutique, offering the finest handmade natural and sustainable soaps, balms, and skincare. Our products are handmade from scratch using nature’s bounty of nourishing, healing, brightening, and invigorating ingredients, many of which are sourced locally in Monterey.  Learn more!




Niblets Knits
I have been knitting for over 30 years. About 10 years ago, I learned of fair trade yarns that empower women in war torn areas — teaching them everything from raising animals to dying the yarn. Learn more!



Paganoonoo is a design house focused on upcycled fashion, we develop and sell sewing patterns for upcycling; give presentations and workshops; create upcycled one-of-a-kind garments; and are champions for upcycling, green sewing & fashion! Learn more!


Paz Viola Art
I use my paintings to reflect a type of “inner landscape” – the images, surreal, abstract, deformed, free-flowing, are manifestations of myself and an extension of my spirit. With colors and shapes, my artwork is known to inspire feelings and imagination of the viewer, who can identify with my artwork, re-create it in his/her mind, and perhaps (and it has happened) be inspired to pick up the brush, take up the camera, dance to a song – in other words – let their creativity run free. I have been doing plastic art since 7, and I continue to use art to inspire people to transcend their daily life. Learn more!



Radical Grandma’s Collective
The Radical Grandma Collective is a collaboration between four women from the US and the radical grandma activist-weavers of Na Nong Bong, Thailand. The four of us were introduced to Na Nong Bong as undergraduate students on a study abroad program focusing on human rights and the environment. In 2015, we found ourselves back in Thailand determined to continue working with the Thai communities that had inspired us so much. We were particularly eager to work with Na Nong Bong villagers because of their unfailing commitment to their cause and gutsy activism. Really, the name says it all– the grandmas are doing all of their own weaving, organizing, and fighting. Our role is to bring them to you. Learn more!


Rising International
At Rising International we spread hope and dignity by selling crafts made by women living in the poorest and most dangerous places in the world; Places where hope is a radical act, and creating beauty is an act of courage and inspiration. Crafts are sold at intimate gatherings in the U.S., often referred to as home parties. Craft sales enable the artisans to find a way out of poverty by running sustainable micro-enterprises. Each craft comes with the story of the artisan, giving her a voice in our world. In the United States, we train women, many economically vulnerable, to run their own Rising Home Party businesses. They earn an income selling crafts for their global sisters. It’s a total win-win: The more our local entrepreneurs prosper, the more they change the world. Learn more!


Sasa Designs
As President of Sasa Designs, Megan has been with the organization since shortly after it was founded to employ and empower Deaf women in Kenya. Having lived and worked in Kenya off and on since 2008, her focus at Sasa Designs is long-term employment and supply chain interventions to create high end products at an affordable price point. Sasa Designs has recently expanded to partner with artisans in Zambia, Haiti and Mexico who also face physical and geographic challenges to accessing markets. Learn more!


Soko is using design and innovation to change the fashion industry for good. Our products represent the new luxury: high quality, contemporary designs handmade by artisans in Kenya out of sustainable materials. Soko empowers over 1,800 artisans in Kenya through our innovative production model, increasing income on average by 5x. Together, we are redefining the aesthetics of ethical fashion to create real beauty and real change. Learn more!


The Sox Box

In our quest to bring the world great socks we keep always mindful of the sacrifice of those who made this happen. No, we don’t mean our blood, sweat, and tears, which count for something to our moms. We honor those service men and women who sacrifice their lives in the name of freedom and justice. Their pledge and honor for their fellow service members and country is unparalleled and for that, we must both rock and salute them! Our pledge is the lifetime donation of 20% of all Sox Box profits to the Independence Fund, a non-profit group that directly supports the wounded ill and injured service members. Silliness abounds at the Sox Box but we remain serious in our commitment to our brothers and sisters who gave the most for their country without question. Learn more!


Tesmaraneh is a brand that aims to promote local Tailors & Artisans in Ghana, and girls education in Sierra Leone. Because of the aims , plans and the current work Tesmaraneh is doing, this adds sustainability to our product. For example we are currently elevating the standard of living of the tailors and artisans that work for the brand; also recently we donated to a scholarship fund for girls in Sierra Leone. Learn more!




WritefullyHis is a social stationery, greeting card and wedding invitation company. We give 20% of our proceeds back to purchasing paper and pencil for school children in East Africa. We support nine schools there. Learn more!




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