3 new WordPress themes for Blogs @ MIIS

I have been doing some housekeeping on Blogs @ MIIS today. I went through and deleted any themes that weren’t being used by any of the blogs in our community (that means they’re lame, right?). I have added 3 new themes that you can now apply to your blogs hosted on the Blogs @ MIIS site. If you take these new themes for a spin on your blog, please let me know what you think!


The Notepad theme is inspired by the iPhone’s Notes app. It’s a modern WordPress theme with a subtle touch of the sketchy effect. Key features include multi-level dropdown menus, threaded & paged comments, and widget support.

Clean Home

Clean Home is a minimalistic theme with lots of the space at the top to introduce your blog and what it’s all about. It also has giant numbers next to the comments that look pretty slick. This theme can display subpages in the navigation menu and also has a widget-ready sidebar.


At first glance, the Cleanr theme looks very similar to Clean Home, but don’t be fooled, there are definitely some differences. My favorite part about this theme is the BIG typography; no more squinting at the screen trying to read your post categories or image captions. A few other cool features:

  • Dropdown menu for Categories and Pages
  • Current menu highlights itself
  • Threaded Comments

What else are we missing?

Let me know what other types of themes you would like to see available on the blogging community in the future. More minimalistic themes? Slicker themes for hosting your portfolio? More pink? Comment and tell me!

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