Web Strategy Team Meeting 04.07.11

Web Updates

Call to Action Buttons

There are a few design principles to think about when creating call to action buttons:

  • Draw user attention with size and positioning
  • Use highly contrasting colors
  • Offer secondary alternative actions

Read more from “Call to Action Buttons: Examples & Best Practices” published in Smashing Magazine.

Draft Designs

Light Blue

Dark Blue with Light Border

Dark Blue with White Border

Medium Blue

Feedback: Dark blue with white border; place “Apply” at the top.

Potential Summer Projects

New Events Calendar

Should we move the MIIS Events Calendar to Live 25 system like Middlebury’s Events Calenadar?


  • More features (RSS feed, multiple calendar display, Featured Events option)
  • Easy to add the code to the MIIS website
  • Not creating new work (Each department still hand enter events into 25Live; then someone with editorial oversight categorizes them and sends them to the correct calendar.
  • Submit events through a webform.


  • Events submitted through the webform do not automatically post to the 25Live system

Blogging Community Makeover

What other features should be added to the blogging community? One student suggested that we provided a place for forum discussions. Communications recommends that the blogging community homepage, not the individual blogs themselves, highlight our institutional branding (maybe with a universal footer?). Also, could more student-written posts be featured in the “official” blog feed?

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