Web Strategy Meeting 04.21.11

Web & Social Media Updates

Clearing the Path

The International Environmental Policy program will be publishing degree
track pages shortly; they took the time to include photos and captions on each of their pages.

Student Power

The Translation & Localization Management students have self-organized, forming a team of project managers, localization engineers, and translators, to localizing www.miis.edu, the YouTube Channel, and possibly Google AdWords campaigns. They have initiated a pilot project to localize TLM program webpages. Stay tuned for more developments…

New Addition to the Blogging Community

Middlebury’s mirco-philanthropy platform – MIDDStart – will soon be coming to the Monterey Institute’s own blogging community, where we can help fund student projects through social media.

Faculty Profiles

As food for thought as we work on polishing the faculty profiles, MBA Professor Schill recently updated his faculty profile, including sub-headings like “International Experience” and “Industry Experience.”

Call to Action Buttons

Click on the image below to view the buttons on the MIIS development site. Please let me know if you have any feedback!

Sites DOT MIISThe Middlebury Institute site network.