Web Strategy Meeting 05.05.11

Facebook Integration

We now have the ability to add Facebook boxes (See Admissions), like buttons (See Class of 2011 Challenge), and comments to miis.edu webpages. The like buttons allow visitors to like the webpage, and it posts this information to their Facebook profiles. The comments feature allows visitors to leave comments on your webpage, and these comments appear on the visitors’ Facebook profile.

To add this feature, click on “Add” in the Edit Console, and choose “Facebook Element.” You will then choose between a “Like Box,” Like Button,” and “Comments” and select various layout options, such as “Show Faces” or “Show Stream” for Like Boxes.

To add a Like Button to your webpage, there’s an extra step of adding “Open Graph Tags,” which are located under “Meta Tags” section. Ian McBride, Middlebury’s Drupal programmer describes the importance of open graph tags:

“When somebody links to your page in Facebook, or when they click a Like button you have put on the page, Facebook makes a request to our website to see what the page is about. If you don’t have any Open Graph tags on the page, Facebook will try to guess what the page represents, taking its title, description, and often an image from content it finds on the page. Using Open Graph tags, you can help Facebook by removing the guess work.”

Middlebury’s Story “Carousel” Feature

We will soon have the ability to add the story “carousel” feature to the bottom of miis.edu webpages. Check out Middlebury’s Student Life webpage for an example of this feature. It’s important to note that the carousel works better for pages with less text, so users don’t have to scroll far to find the stories. You also need at least 5 story items (stories, photos, videos, RSS feeds, etc.) to activate the carousel. And remember if you don’t like this feature, feel free not to use it.

Changes to the Main “Faculty” Page?

What if we removed that long ugly list of faculty members from the page? Instead users could use the search box to find specific faculty, click on the faculty by program links, or watch featured videos of our faculty members…

Creating a 4Q Survey

Google Analytics training this summer?

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