Web Strategy Meeting Notes 05.19.11

MIIS Website Error

Please let me know if you find other pages that are displaying the global navigation instead of their section navigation (Ex. MBA Faculty page).

Academics: New “Short-term Programs” Section

This new section would mirror the “Language Programs” section. Its right-hand navigation could include: Executive Education Program, Development Project Management Institute, Frontier Market Scouts, and Certificates (Policy, LPA, CALL, TI Short Programs etc.)

Blogging Community Updates

Communique Blog

Next issue of the Communique will be posted at http://sites.miis.edu/communique We’re customizing the look and feel of our blog to reflect the Institute’s branding guidelines.

Summer in the Field Blog

The Center for Blue Economy Fellows will be blogging from the field as a requirement for their fellowship. You can follow along at http://sites.miis.edu/summer We also opened the training to everyone, so we hope other students with summer internships and projects contribute to the blog, whether they stay in Monterey or travel halfway around the world. We also hope to offer opportunities to work on web and multimedia projects to IPSS, DPMI Plus, J-term, and Frontier Market Scouts participants.

Web Analytics Reports

SEO Review

What are the two main pillars of search engine optimization for the web?1) Keywords 2) Link-Building

Video SEO

  • Google search keywords are different than YouTube search keywords. Do some research with YouTube keyword research tools: https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool
  • What is metadata? Be as specific as possible: brainstorm “long tail” search terms. (Like Netflix, whose strategy is to woo documentary and independent film watchers with their online streaming collection, we should target our audience of burgeoning social change agents who speak multiple languages and want international careers.)
  • Don’t just think about how many views your video has – curate the comments. You can post the first one!
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