Web Strategy Meeting Notes 06.02.11

Welcome to June! Hopefully, soon the weather will actually remember it’s not winter, but late spring.

Middlebury’s Events Calendaring System

Download the full interview with Middlebury staff member Kristina Simmons (Coming Soon.)

3 Step Process

  1. Schedulers enter the event information into the R25 database and tag the events for the appropriate calendars.
  2. Through 25Live, you set up calendar feeds, which aggregates the event information from R25.
  3. Publisher creates the look and feel of the calendar.

Middlebury’s Event Management department would be the one to aggregate and publish feeds; our group would only be responsible for entering data into R25. We have eight regular schedulers here on campus; twelve total who would need to be trained to use R25.

What’s the calendaring system’s greatest strength?

Consistency of the data. Once you initially enter the even information, the event will feed into the website.

What’s one thing you would change about the system?

The calendars have more features than Google calendars, but the customization is still limited. You can have a photo calendar, for example, but that calendar in particular doesn’t have scrolling features. You can also customize the size and colors of the headers, but not much else.

How to Title Blog Posts

Titles for blog posts that appear in the main sites.miis.edu feed should include all relevant information: If it’s an event, note the title, date, time, and location.

New Sliding Stories Carousel

I’ve added the carousel to the following pages:

Take a look and see if this feature would be a good addition to your section.

Weekly Tip

Facebook Element

There’s some evidence that Facebook is slowing moving away from “Share” buttons to “Like Buttons.” Should we add Like Buttons to stories in the Newsroom and MIIS Around the World? This would create about five minutes of extra work by completing the Open Graph tags.

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