Blogging Community Update: A Success!

Last Friday, Trinidad Gomez and I successfully updated the to the most recent version of WordPress. I also gave the blogging community homepage a fresh look, featuring a photo of students from the International Bazaar. I hope we can feature a new photo and color scheme for every season, much like Middlebury does with their stories “equalizer” on

New Themes and Plug-ins

Updating our WordPress platforms means that we now have new themes (such as Twenty Eleven and Splendio) and plug-ins (such as Geo-mashup, which allows you to tag posts by geographic location). If  you would like to add additional themes to the blogging community, check out this article by Smashing Magazine about free WordPress themes.

Could the Blogging Community Be More User-Friendly?

Since the update, I’ve also worked on resolving several usability issues with the blogging community. When you log-in, for example, you should now be taken to a page that displays all of your sites and gives you the option to create a new blog. Previously when you logged-out, the page you were taken to didn’t let you log back into the site. This issue should also be resolved.

If you spot any other usability issues with the blogging community, please let me know by emailing Thanks!

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