Web Strategy Team Meeting 09.08.11

Web & Social Media Strategy Headlines

Round-up of new homepage stories

The Curious Case of New MIIS Tags

Someone, I don’t know who, has been adding strange terms to our list of “MIIS Tags.” These tags help us aggregate news stories into other pages on the site, so I’m not sure how terms like “alcohol and drug abuse” and “esl application” are relevant to this tag list.

Events Calendar News

  • Create a webform like Middlebury’s to submit room request and event info from different departments to Barbara and Stacie in the President’s Office, who will input the data into the R25 database
  • We will be testing out the new calendar system sometime soon; we’re just waiting to hear back from Middlebury’s events department.

Quick Drupal Lessons

  • Deleting Faculty Profiles
  • Creating a New Webpage

What do the Blogging Community updates mean to YOU?

  • New themes: Student Services vs. GSIPM
  • Summer in the Field blog: 97 posts by students across the globe
  • I’ll be making more changes to the blogging community before the mandatory student club meeting, in hopes that more clubs will utilize this platform.

Introducing MontereySTART

We’re in the process of “soft” launching the new MontereySTART micro-philanthropy platform for student projects. Both student groups and individuals may apply to feature their projects on this platform to raise up to $2,000. We hope to help students use social media and traditional outreach methods to raise funds.

To be featured on MontereySTART, students must complete the application and clearly articulate their plan for reaching out to donors and sharing the impact of their projects from start to finish. Student projects will then be chosen by the MontereySTART selection committee, composed of staff and faculty from various departments. Help us spread the word!

Guest Speakers

Eric Morrow

  • New look for the MPA landing page: Before vs. After
  • How did you get here? James Reavis:

Ryann Hoffman – How YOU can participate in MIIS Radio?

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