Web Strategy Meeting 09.22.11

Web & Social Media Strategy Headlines

Data Visualization!


We will host an open session for students who want to learn more about how to use this platform for their project fundraising efforts next Thursday September 29 at 12:30pm in “The Commons.”

MPA Landing Page Update

We’re almost ready to make the updates to the MPA program landing page live. You can check MPA’s new look on our dev site. Any suggestions on other programs that need a new look?

New “Blue” Template

We’re still working out the kinks, but this week the Frontier Market Scouts and Executive Education programs debuted a new MIIS web template, complete with a gallery slider on the landing page.

What do the blogging community updates mean to YOU?

  • New themes suggested by students. (You can also suggest themes to add to http://sites.miis.edu! Smashing Magazine provides specs on 100 of the latest free WordPress themes.
  • New plug-ins (such as Geo-Mashup, Facebook Like Box, & More Fields).
  • Lots of suggestions for potential bloggers on the “Get Started” and “Blogging Tips” pages.

Drupal Review: Adding Images to www.miis.edu

  • Image Optimization: A fancy term that highlights the fact it’s important to crop and resize your images before you upload them to the site. The recommended width for most photos is 240 pixels. If you need help with photo editing, it’s possible crop and resize your photos in only five minutes.
  • Before you upload your photos OR files to the site, please title them using ONLY lowercase letters with an underscore “_” between words. (Ex. “davis_fellowship_application”)

New Video: Jonah Leff

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