Web Strategy Meeting 11.03.11

Intro to MiddMedia

  • Our own audio and video hosting platform, where we don’t have to worry about YouTube showing advertisements or making claims to our original content.
  • Anyone can log-in with their Midd username and password and receive 500MB of space automatically, with the option to upgrade.

Here’s why this might be useful:

Web Focus Group Results

Interesting Fact: only 50% of the students reported having mobile phones with access to the web. Otherwise, not much changed in terms of social networking: Everyone still uses Facebook and YouTube, with light usage of Twitter and uncertainty about Google+.

5 Bold Steps to Improve MIIS.edu

  • Review curriculum info for all programs
  • Review the financial aid webpages (and add photos?)
  • Update info about our integration with Middlebury
  • Revisit the “Be the Solution: Areas of Study” (for the big wigs)
  • Change “Community” to “Student Life” in the global navigation
  • Bonus Step: Check for broken links
  • Bonus Step 2: Re-create the campus map
  • Bonus Step 3: Watch out for that pesky error on faculty program pages

And the most important step of all

Come to the next web strategy meeting when we’ll have a working session to help everyone add perfectly cropped and sized photos to their webpages! Yay!

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