Web Strategy Meeting 01.12.12

New Photos

Perfect for the Student Life, Admissions, and Financial Aid sections

Mobile Site Launch: m.miis.edu

  • You’ll see that the events calendar module hasn’t been posted yet.
  • There will be a few more changes to the Admissions pages, which currently link to our website.
  • Campus Blogs Section: now highlights the importance of unique, compelling content on the main blog feed (photos help too!)
  • Grab an iPhone, Android, iPad, or Computer
  • Current Google analytics stats on mobile
  • Check out this fun infographic about the future of mobile

MontereySTART: First Fully Funded Project

Looks like in the coming days we’ll see our first fully funded project on MontereySTART: the Nepal Practicum. Thanks to everyone who’s helped make this possible, and we look forward to continuing to work with students to promote their projects.

Campus Map Project

Updates from Anja

Giving Initiatives Makeover

You’ll see that the new “Giving Initiatives” layout provides one possible way of making content scannable when you’re giving the user more than 5 options to choose from. We’re currently using this layout for the “Careers by Field” landing page; it might also work on the “Scholarships” webpage.

Careers Story Feed

How we can use the Careers tag

Includes: Any story that involves alumni accomplishments or highlights a student’s professional development experiences

Excludes: Stories like the recap of the Peace Corps event, or the launch of the Executive Education program

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