Web Strategy Meeting 02.09.12

Site Error

  • Photos, opening paragraphs, and sidebars disappear
  • Usually happens when the server’s being upgraded, or when it goes down
  • Be vigilant

Promoting Our Videos

with Eric Morrow

How to Create Digital Signs

  • Resize your Powerpoint or Keynote slide to 1920×1080
  • Get inspiration from these templates: Best of Fall 2011 Keynote OR Powerpoint
  • Signs are published on Monday mornings. Please submit your signs for the upcoming week by 10am on Monday morning.
  • If your GAs are working on the signs, they can schedule an appointment with our GAs (who make signs each week for DLC workshops) by emailing miisdlc@gmail.com to get some more inspiration.

New Buttons!

Small Buttons

Big Buttons

Photoshop Tutorial

  • Grab a Mac computer! Get your hands dirty 🙂
  • Who needs a copy of Photoshop? We’re taking orders.
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